Our Affiliate

green beanstalk





Another “branch of our beanstalk” is our sister company, Monitor Publishing, which develops, manages, and operates specialty blogs and online magazines for niche and vertical industries, and for companies to use as part of their content marketing and social media marketing strategies.

Monitor Publishing’s media properties include:

Oil and Gas Monitor
Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor
Safety Outlook

Monitor Publishing’s blogs reach an executive-level audience with news, industry developments, and important insights that empower them to operate their businesses more effectively. They stay a step ahead of the competition through brand awareness, name recognition, online authority, and a strong presence on the web. Monitor Publishing works with experts at the world’s largest companies, consulting firms, law firms, universities, etc. to ensure the most comprehensive views on business are presented to our readers.

Interested in creating a business blog or online magazine to serve as a pass-through to your business, to create new revenue channels (online and newsletter advertising, webinars, directories, e-commerce, job boards, reprints, etc.), to elevate your reach, build a community, and grow your business? Our beanstalk’s roots run deep, ensuring a strong and continually growing plant for you to climb to reach your Golden Egg. We can show you how by helping you properly seed and cultivate your beanstalk.